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Foot Fetish

Some poeple like feet!

Foot Fetish Videos

Fantastic Foot Fetishes

We want to play footsies with you. FetishTheatre.com has more feet than any other website. We trample the competition with a mountain of feet! Wicked femdommes are pouncing their subs in dungeons and bedrooms with all their little piggies all the way home. Some lucky guys get footjobs and cum on supple feet and others just get to lick and swallow toes, aching to cum. Not only do we offer feet to die for, these foot fetish videos are free. Whoever said you can’t get something for nothing has never been to FetishTheatre.com

Femdomme Foot Worship

Femdommes love to make their man slaves ache and hurt. For some reason, slaves love to worship their dommes’ feet as well as their bodies. Slaves have the perfect greedy mouths to suckle on the mistresses’ toes while they trample them barefooted or heeled. These men suck until their lips get chapped just hoping that after the foot worshipping, their dommes will take pity and give footjobs to the subs’ worthless dicks.

Trampling Foot Fetish Fetish

Skinny men and fat men alike get trampled by buxom, women who are naked or donned in lacey panties. What the femdommes all have in common is that they have some crushing trampling methods. Trampling foot fetish videos depict heeled or barefoot women stomping on helpless men. Greeted with 10 or more toes stomping atop their abs, chests or faces, these male bottoms are on the sucking end of the foot worshipping fetish. Men trapped and trampled wince in pain and get their mouths stuffed with feet, forced to worship cruel foot dommes or continue to suffer.

Hardcore Footjobs

Just because the women in these foot fetish videos have smooth, sweet-tasting feet; doesn’t mean they are gentle with the hardcore dick-stroking footjobs. Rough and hardcore, they stroke sometimes familiar and sometimes random cock that may show up at the door. What footjob whores! The usual kinky suspects show up in these footjob videos, get their cocks stroked with bare feet, fuck girls bareback and hard then cum on delicious feet. FetishTheatre.com foot fetish videos are hand and foot above then any other foot fetish site.

A Thousand Feet of Foot Fetish Videos

Updated often, FetishTheatre.com has so many foot fetish videos that you will be surrounded by toes. Femdommes get their feet wet as their slaves suck, lick and sniff every single toe on both their feet. Young babes with perfect feet give slow, fast or hard footjobs - anything to get cocks to lubricate cum all over virginal-looking feet. And punished men get their bodies trampled on by heavy-footed MILFs, neighbors, and gaggles of women wanting a little foot worshipping. Whether you want to see toe-sucking, fucking, loving, worshipping, stomping or sniffing; you will get eyefuls of foot fetish videos at the best free fetish site on the net!