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Forced Orgasm

consensual role-playing BDSM

Forced Orgasm Fetish

Tons of Forced Orgasm Videos

The force orgasm fetish has a place in almost all BDSM fetishes: rape, bondage, rough sex, hardcore sex, rope bondage, slave training, femdom and all fetishes that contain power play scenarios. Upon watching the free forced orgasm videos on FetishTheatre.com, you will be forced to orgasm and to continue watching for hours. Once you step inside and watch how many slaves and whores get forcibly punished with painful cumming, we won’t have to pull your leg to keep watching.

Device Bondage & Rope Bondage Forced Orgasms

Training a slave is hard business especially for the slave! While locked away with metal devices, rope bondage and the stocks, slaves also get the benefit of being forced to cum. After many episodes of being withheld orgasms though they beg, their doms finally let them explode. With forced orgasms like you’ve never seen - if the screaming doesn’t get you, the squirting and beautiful bondage techniques will. Male as well as female dominators get their subjects to bend to their wills using one of the worst punishments: forced orgasms.

Femdom Forced Orgasm and Orgasm-Withholding

Oh, the tragedy of having a beautiful woman yank on your cock with no satisfaction in sight! A femdom has the power to take her sub to the edge of wanting to blow his load then stop. When he finally is given permission to cum after loads of cock and ball tortures, ball kickings and a sodomized asshole; she forces him to cum so hard, his eyes water. For a man, there is no training more painful than femdom orgasm-withholding.

Lezdom Forced Orgasm

If you haven’t seen a sub forced to orgasm, you haven’t seen enough lesbian BDSM rope bondage or device bondage. Don’t take our word for it; come see how lezdoms force their subs to do, well, everything - forced orgasms being one. Claire Adams is one of the lezdoms using this age old technique of BDSM tortures to subdue slaves; it is a favorite among many devious porn stars and master slave-trainers alike. Some are famous like Claire Adams and Bobbi Starr while others aren’t as well known because they have been too busy down in the dungeons brutalizing amateur girls and forcing massive, squirting orgasms and blood-curdling screams from them.

Forced Orgasm and Orgasm-Withholding Pornsite

If the forced orgasm fetish turns you on and you like to see people scream and struggle because they are forced or withheld orgasms, FetishTheatre.com will force you to come back to watch our forced orgasm videos. Not all orgasms are fun - some are in the hands of a person who wants to make someone else suffer. If you love watching that sort of shit, you are a pervert who will not be able to get enough of our forced orgasm videos! We love forcing punishments. If you like to watch, come watch fetish porn for free at FetishTheatre.com.