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Anthing that makes you hot, that floats that boat, and that get's you off without hurting anyone else.

Find Your Fetish at FetishTheatre.com

For those who know what they like and for others who are still looking for what hardens their loins, FetishTheatre.com has the most fetish categories than any other site. If you’ve found your niche or are still looking, come find your fetish here at FetishTheatre.com.

All Your Fetish Desires on FetishTheatre.com

If it’s kinky, it is at FetishTheatre.com. All your fetish desires - secret or not so secret - are here. We offer free fetish videos so that you can get your rocks off. From BDSM, bondage, slave-training, foot fetish, lezdom, and sexual wrestling; we have over 30 different fetish categories featured here for you to peruse and enjoy. All your fetish fantasies will be fulfilled.

BDSM and Bondage Fetish

A lot of people like to see what happens when power play is introduced into the bedroom, or the dungeon. Hardcore sex, rope play, forced orgasms, device bondage, lezdom or any sort of domination of one person by another has been known to cause arousals. Amateur couples try out their ropes for bondage in some of these BDSM and bondage fetish videos, so don’t feel left out if you’re not yet a pro. But, if you want to see real intricate BDSM and bondage techniques, award-winning riggers, like Claire Adams and Matt Williams, star in featured BDSM and bondage fetish videos at our site as well. Expand on what you know by watching and jerking off to amateur and professional rigging, slave-training, orgasm-withholding or anything painfully delicious.

Anal Fetish

If you’re addicted to the crack, ass crack that is; you are in the right place for one of the most anal fetish sites because we know anal. FetishTheatre.com is anally yours. All things in, around or pertaining to the butt, rectal, tushy or anal areas are here. If you don’t know what an anal rosebud is, come find out at the ultimate anal fetish website - tons of anally-based videos to view every day. If you don’t think we can back up these words, come take a look inside tight assholes: DP (double penetration), anal strap-on, huge butt plugs, rimming, pegging, anal gangbangs and anal rape.

Femdom Fetish

It’s a man’s world - or is it? Inside FetishTheatre.com, there are places where no man would want to tread - it’s a world that is darker than you’d expect, but so stimulating to watch. This dungeon is full of eye candy. From latex, to pantyhose, to foot worship, flogging, electro-stimulation tortures, CBT (cock and ball torture), to orgasm-withholding; it is definitely not a man’s world anymore. From famous pornstars like Maitresse Madeline to Isis Love (or both!), there are many small cocks and balls getting damaged in this domination of males fetish by perfectly cruel femdommes. Nobody knows how to punish a manwhore better than his mistress and no one will enjoy it more than him, besides you that is.

Woman-on-Woman Fetish

From sexual electro-stimulation, rope bondage, forced orgasm, sexual wrestling, rough strap-on sex to slave-training, lezdoms know women better than any man what will break a fellow woman.. A lezdom knows how to bring their slaves to the brink of pain, stop, then start again. You will hear more screaming, crying and begging in a lezdom’s dungeon than anywhere else. If you think that a man’s cock can ram itself inside a cunt harder than any dildo, you will be pleasantly surprised by the hardcore fucking between girls. Girl-on-girl domination is not gentle, so if you want to see hard, cruel BDSM games, see pussy-on- pussy fetish here.

Foot Fetish

FetishTheatre.com smells like soft, pedicured and dirty feet. Femdoms not only shove their dildos up their male slaves’ asses, they also put toes in drooling mouths. But the foot fetish tubes at FetishTheatre.com also have overly-willing non-slave, drooling male mouths. See men swallow ten toes and more just to get a footjob from their pedestrian objects of desire. If you prefer to be the one who is doing the foot-sucking, we also have POV (point-of-view) foot fetish masturbation videos too. Girls with pantyhose or just slutty, present their feet right up to the screen. You will want to lick your monitor from the temptation of these solo footsie shows.

Too Many Fetishes To Name at FetishTheatre.com!

FetishTheatre.com has more fetishes than we can list. Over 30 categories for you to find exactly what fetish or fetishes turn you on: boot fetish, latex fetish, gangbang fetish, tranny fetish, rape fetish and on and on, . You never know what sorts of deviant and irresistibly dirty fetish videos you will see here. There are more fetish categories than any other site on the web, not to mention that all these fetish videos are presented free and updated constantly for you. You don’t have to choose which you like more, watch all the videos and stroke your cock ragged from the hotness that you will discover. Come find what turns you on at FetishTheatre.com