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Spanking Fetish

Hot asses being spanked

Spanking! Spanking! Spanking Videos!

Do you love to see naughty girls get what they deserve or slaves who need a little reddening of their luscious butts? We have more bare-handed spankings and variations on the fetish than you can shake a crop at! Whether it is spankings delivered bare-handed, OTK spankings, or with crops and floggers; you’ll be spanking your monkey along with the multitude of butts getting punished here at FetishTheatre.com.

Spanking as Domination

When a husband comes home to see his wife eating some woman’s pussy or sucking some other man’s cock. What is he to do but to take his frustrations out on this slut’s naked ass? But cheating wives aren’t the only ones who need a spanking. Sometimes, a femdom or dom need to humiliate their subs’ buttocks to get their points across when warming up a slave’s asshole. But some people just need a spanking because they’re plain perverted - like slutty nuns for one. There is more than one way to skin a hide; and all those techniques are available in a horde of spanking domination films in the spanking fetish category of Fetish Box.

OTK Spanking

Treating a rebellious person like a naughty child is bad enough; but bend them over and spank them with their skirts or pants pulled down and they will revert - and submit. Our OTK (over-the-knee) spanking videos aren’t only playful revenge scenes, doms and dommes also use OTK as a slave-training tool to belittle their headstrong submissives. When it is necessary to teach a person that their disobedience will not be tolerated, an OTK spanking - that causes some crimson results - will surely get the lesson across like no other humiliation. As a disgrace tactic, nothing tops a sub more effectively than this spanking method.

Bare-handed Slut Spanking

When a dom or domme doesn’t have a crop, flogger, cane or paddle at his or her disposal, a bare-handed spanking disgracing is more than enough to humiliate submissive sluts.. Angry or slave-training hands can inflict just as much pain as any device or dungeon sex toys, hands can be a full force wounding tool when whores abound.

Naughty Teens Get Spanked

In these spanking fetish videos, there are some hardcore spanking action included in the spanking of hot, virginal teens. Teens with a need for cock get their asses spanked and their pantyhose ripped when rough sexual predators flip them over and forwards by spanking, bareback fucking, and binding them. There are more naughty teens in the world than you would imagine and we’ve got that whole world in our bare hands - which are used to spank the naughty out of spanked sluts.

Corporal Punishments for Sluts

FetishTheatre.com wants to fulfill your fantasies: nuns getting spanked, nuns doing the spankings, and teachers keeping bad girls after school to spank the rebellion out of them. Some people will judge a parent from using corporal spanking punishments on their daughters for misbehaving, but we won’t judge you here. Count along with the punishers as they pound out the asses of females who get their butts flattened.

So Many Spanking Videos, So Little Time

Got some time on your hands? Come spank something - your monkey for instance. You’ll wish you had two dicks to jerk off while watching this beautifully crimson fetish on FetishTheatre.com: naughty teens getting taught a lesson, nuns spanking very bad Catholic school girls, husbands spanking bad wives for being cheating harlots! There are so many spanking videos that you won’t have enough time in the day to watch each pair of ass cheeks getting spanked. Luckily, there are seven days in the week for you to try.